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The Embrace Life campaign

The Embrace Life campaign

Behaviors around seatbelt use had been advertised for some 30 years, but people were still dying and being injured from non-use of seatbelts...Something was missing. Something needed to change.

Neil Hopkins, previously of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, joins the podcast to discuss the viral Embrace Life campaign and its legacy since being released over five years ago.

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About Neil Hopkins

Aged 33, Neil's work history is a little unusual. At 14, he sold his first article to a UK high street magazine. At 18, he was working for an editorial agency, writing marketing pieces for a national readership of around 3.5million people. In his early 20s, he worked in call centres – managing high pressure teams, training new recruits and establishing a new satellite centre. He then entered Local Government in 2004, moving between authorities before re-emerging into a small private sector consultancy focusing on economic regeneration and business development in 2006.

As the global recession bit in 2008, he moved back into local government, this time working to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads through a small organisation called the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership – from where, less than a year later, Embrace Life emerged.

After five behaviour-focused years at the Partnership, Neil has moved into another Local Government Authority to lead the development of their communications function in a rapidly changing social and political environment.

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